Woodlawn Environment, Health and Safety

Heron’s Environment, Health and Safety Management System focusses on a commitment to manage its operations and activities in an environmentally responsible manner and meet the requirements of both government regulators and the community.

Key environmental programs are underway and being processed as the project develops and include:

Management Plans

Environmental Management Strategy Issued
Construction Environmental Management Plan Issued
Community Engagement Plan Issued
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan Issued
Extraction Plan for underground mining incl: Subsidence Monitoring Program Submitted
Waste Rock Management Plan incl: mgt of potential acid forming material Submitted
Paste Fill Management Plan Submitted
Noise and Blasting Management Plan Approved
Air Quality Management Plan Approved
Water Management Plan incl: Surface Water and Groundwater Mgt and Response Plans Approved
Vegetation and Rehabilitation Management Plan incl: Land and Bushfire Mgt, and Veg Offset Approved
Heritage Management Plan Approved
Transport Management Plan incl: Road Transport Protocol Approved
Environmental Monitoring Plan Underway

All our management plans must be periodically reviewed and updated over the life of the project to make sure they are relevant and in compliance with all our licence conditions. Routine inspections and regular environmental audits are undertaken to assess the performance against our Project Approval.

Statutory Approvals

  File Date File Size
Water Access Licence 18/09/2018 511 KB
Environmental Protection Licence Variation 07/05/2018 1.1 MB
Project Modification Approval 2 06/07/2017 698 KB
Mine Operations Plan 15/09/2015 13.3 MB
Signed Lease Renewal 18/02/2015 510 KB
Environmental Assessment - Vol 1 10/04/2012 19.2 MB

Monitoring and Reports

  File Date File Size
Annual Review 2017/2018 19/09/2018 12.1 MB
Environmental Monitoring Data July 2018 21/08/2018 946 KB
Woodlawn Dam Surveillance Report 15/06/2018 12.9 MB

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